The Fascinating History of the American Hamburger

The hamburger is an iconic American dish that has been enjoyed by generations of people. But where did this beloved sandwich come from? In fact, the hamburger is named after Hamburg, Germany, home to a cut of meat called Hamburg steak that eventually became what we now consider hamburgers.


is the name of the sandwich, not just the meat burger in the middle. It means “from Hamburg” because that style of sandwich originated there.

The common belief is that the American hamburger borrowed its name from a dish called Hamburg Style Beef or Hamburg Steak that came to the United States from the German city of Hamburg in the 19th century. A chicken sandwich looks a lot like a hamburger, but many Americans consider burgers to be made exclusively with ground beef. At that time, there was a great movement between the American states and thousands of immigrants who made the country their home and brought with them their traditions, stories and foods. This influx of cultures and ideas helped to shape the American hamburger as we know it today. When you're looking for authentic burgers cooked the American way, enjoy the best burgers in Houston at Better Burgers and Shakes by TJ Reed. In the spirit of the history of America's melting pot of cultures, this couldn't make authentic hamburgers more authentically American.

Whether you like hamburgers or cheeseburgers, the best burgers are the ones you share with family and friends. The origin of any popular dish is always fascinating, but even more so when it is as iconic as the hamburger. Although Hamburg, Germany, was not the inventor of the hamburger, its richly seasoned minced meat inspired Americans to make the hamburger and put it on a bun. It seems that hamburgers were adopted all over the United States around the same time, but the innovation really came from the need to eat away from home, also known as fast food. So, if a sandwich is meat between two pieces of bread and a hamburger is meat between two pieces of bread, why isn't a hamburger a sandwich? Well, there's the debate. While many Americans loved Hamburg steaks, it was a difficult meal to eat when they had to rush back to work.

But is that really why a hamburger is called a hamburger? As with other popular foods, there are many people who take credit not only for the word but also for the idea. While there are several restaurants that claim to have invented the first hamburger, the general theme highlights the importance of a quick takeaway meal. No matter who originally came up with the hamburger, the national love affair with this delicious dish thrives to this day. A hamburger will always contain one or more roasted meat patties or ground vegetables or synthetic meat and will always be circular. The name of the German dish was shortened to “Hamburgers” and then, when the meat was finally sandwiched between two slices of bread, to “hamburgers”.

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